Arabic Tutoring Academy (T.O.T)

Who will benefit from this program?

eduTechnoz Training Academy (T.O.T) is designed to empower teachers, tutors and anyone who would like to effectively teach online and/or to generate extra income; especially in these times.

Program brief:

The Model used at our program is designed based using phonetics, we simplify the skills needed to learn reading and writing and gradually add on new skills in a way that enables the students to learn effectively and efficiently using a variety of engaging methods.

What is the Academy system?

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  3. Start Teaching Online
  4. Earn Extra Income

How to Join eduTechnoz Team?

  1. Enroll in eduTechnoz Arabic Model Training
  2. Pass Exams
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Courses of Online Tutoring Program

Class Management

  • Class Management
  • Active Learning Strategies
  • Class Routine Management
  • Class Instructions

How to build a comfortable and enjoyable classroom environment for both the learner and the teacher? Classroom management is not limited to managing undesirable behaviors during the lesson. Classroom management is the process of building a safe and enjoyable classroom environment for both the learner and the teacher. To achieve this environment, the teacher must familiarize him/herself with many realities. Get informed with us through this workshop on the concept of classroom management, active learning strategies that help to achieve this management, activities for managing the classroom routine according to the kids mood during the class, and the classroom instructions used to maintain a classroom safe psychologically, educationally and socially.

Lesson Planning

  • Lesson Plans
  • Multi-sensory Approach
  • Academic Assessment
  • Differentiation in classroom

One of the most important factors contributing to success in life is planning. In order to achieve the goals and competencies of the subject presented to the learner, a targeted and accurate classroom plans must be developed. What are the characteristics of a successful class plan? What are the approaches to make it successful? How does the teacher include the different levels in the class? How do we evaluate its success? To find out more, join us in this classroom planning workshop to get to know the most important points that help us to challenge class difficulties and keep pace with educational developments and changes.

Education Technology

Using Available Technology

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Office 360
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Web Mail

The aim of educational technology is to plan, prepare, develop and evaluate the educational process through various technical means. Therefore, getting to know these tools has become essential to achieve the goals of the educational process. Through this workshop, you discover several electronic programs that will enable us to effectively follow the educational process.

Online Education strategies

  • Dealing with students
  • Communicating with parents
  • Digital class activities
  • Breakout Rooms - Zoom
  • Teaching on online tutoring platforms

To follow the current developments, the development of distance education comes first among the educational systems' priorities. What does distance education mean? How does the teacher deal with students during this educational process? How to communicate with parents? What are the strategies that help the learner and teacher together to achieve a safe class environment? Join us in this workshop to discuss this new challenge for the world of education. Moreover, we will go over special strategies on how to apply to different online tutoring platforms to create your own online tutoring job.

eduTechnoz Arabic Literacy Innovative Model (ALIM)

  • eduTechnoz (ALIM) Program
  • eduTechnoz Portal & Resources
  • eduTechnoz Management Systems
  • Gamification Concepts
  • Using Gamification in Classrooms
  • eduTechnoz Lesson Plans
  • eduTechnoz Powerpoint Planning
  • eduTechnoz Online Tutoring Secrets

eduTechnoz has developed an innovative way to teach and restore Arabic (as a primary or secondary language) for children. eduTechnoz family is proud for creating joy in our students’ hearts during our special classes held in our educational centers located in Canada. Our mission is to pleasantly teach students reading and writing Arabic in a short time. You can learn about our own strategies and to create a meaningful impact on your students’ journey of learning and falling in love with Arabic. Our model includes reading, writing, listening, comprehension, composition and verbal communication. Passing our final exam gives you the opportunity to join eduTechnoz educational staff and start education online or at our tutoring centers.

Enroll in April Cohort
April 12th, 2025 - May 16th, 2025

Sessions: 28 hours
Homework hours: 9-10 hours
Exams: 2 exams (40 minutes each)

This training will equip you to teach Arabic with eduTechnoz team.