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Unlock the full potential of your trips to Arab countries! Say goodbye to feeling left out or embarrassed when you can't communicate with your grandparents, in-laws, or colleagues. With our conversational Arabic program, you'll be able to confidently navigate any social or business situation.

Learn Arabic from Native Speakers Who Understand Your Struggle

At eduTechnoz, we understand the frustration of losing a language and the struggle to communicate with loved ones or colleagues in their native tongue. We started our conversational Arabic program to help people who have lost touch with their heritage or struggled to learn Arabic in the past. Whether you’re a millennial who wants to reconnect with your roots, a parent who wants to teach their children the language, or an adult learner who wants to communicate confidently in an Arab country, our program is designed to help you overcome the language barrier and transform the way you communicate.

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Imagine the feeling of finally being able to connect with your Arabic-speaking loved ones on a deeper level. Picture the joy of being able to travel to Arab countries and confidently navigate the language and culture. With eduTechnoz’s Conversational Arabic program, you can rediscover your roots and connect with others like never before. Our innovative learning model combines technology and gamification to make learning Arabic fun and engaging.

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Enrollment Options

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Enjoy access to all sessions, including exclusive drama sessions, throughout the academic year (October 2023 – July 2024).

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Program Schedule

Cohort ID Cohort Starting Date Ending Date # Sessions Curriculum
1 Oct 03/10/2023 28/10/2023 4 Prophet's story, Story time, Vocabulary, Grammar
2 Nov 31/10/2023 02/12/2023 5 Prophet's story, Vocabulary, Story time, Grammar, Vocabulary
3 Dec 05/12/2023 16/12/2023 2 Drama, Drama
4 Jan 01/01/2024 27/01/2024 4 Grammar, Vocabulary, Prophet's story, Story time
5 Feb 30/01/2024 03/03/2024 5 Vocabulary, Grammar, Story time, Vocabulary, Prophet’s story
6 Mar 05/03/2024 09/03/2024 1 Drama
7 Apr 16/04/2024 27/04/2024 2 Drama, Drama
8 May 30/04/2024 01/06/2024 5 Prophet's story, Story time, Grammar, Vocabulary, Story time
9 Jun 04/06/2024 26/06/2024 3 Drama, Drama, Drama
10 Jul 02/07/2024 27/07/2024 4 Grammar, Vocabulary, Prophet’s story, Story time