eduTechnoz Innovate Reading Center

We are happy to announce that we are now taking registrations for our Innovate Reading Tutoring Center, created for bilingual, digital children!

Awards & International Recognition


Program Details

The Model used at our program is designed based using phonetics, we simplify the skills needed to learn reading and writing and gradually add on new skills in a way that enables the children to learn effectively and efficiently using a variety of engaging sensory tools.

Program’s Features

  • Provide personalised learning paths depending on students’ level at our assessment
  • 3-5 students in each class ( tutoring style)
  • Provide fun activities that inspire children to fall in love with Arabic
  • Teach reading, writing, listening, conversing and grammar
  • Focus on enriching vocabulary
  • Provide tablets during the session
  • Provide subscription to eduTechnoz online platform to get access to 5000+ online resources to support the teaching and learning experience
  • Our teachers are licensed to teach eduTechnoz Model

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